Three Things to Know About the All-New Integrated Development Environment (IDE) In the Leap Quantum Cloud Service

“The Leap IDE makes quantum app development friction-free for me. I don’t have to install anything locally or do any additional setup, and I don’t have to think about learning anything new — it’s the same environment as a desktop, but in the cloud.” — Ed Crandell, Software Architect, Spring Arbor University, and a D-Wave Developer Champion

“With modern developer tools like the Leap IDE, D-Wave is providing an experience for developers in a way that is natural in their everyday work. The integration with cloud, Jupyter Notebooks, Docker, etc, enables developers to realize value through quick agile iterations. Now, developers at any level — from enterprises to startups — have the ability to leverage quantum as another tool in the next generation of technology. This is a critical step in the market for driving the adoption of quantum as a real implementation for the total solution that can deliver business value today.” — Kerri Patterson, Chief Strategy Officer at Carrera Group, former Director of IT at Optum, and a D-Wave Developer Champion



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